On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary in 2016, the IGdJ, in cooperation with the Göttingen-based Wallstein-Verlag publishing house, began making older volumes from the series Hamburger Beiträge zur Geschichte der deutschen Juden (Hamburg Contributions to the History of the German Jews) available to the interested public on its website, free of charge and easy to access.

Other of the Institute’s publications, such as the Studien zur jüdischen Geschichte (“Studies in Jewish History”), will also be successively made available in open-access format. Under the heading of “(Retro-)Digitalized Publications,” you will also find digital publications that were created under the umbrella of the online source edition entitled Hamburger Schlüsseldokumente zur deutsch-jüdischen Geschichte (Key Documents of German-Jewish History).

The following volumes are currently available in PDF format: