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The sea and maritime spaces have long been neglected in the field of Jewish studies despite their relevance in the context of Jewish religious texts and historical narratives. Almost sixty years after Samuel Tolkowsky’s pivotal study on maritime Jewish history and culture and the publication of his book „They Took to the Sea“ in 1964, the newly published volume seeks to follow his ideas, revisit Jewish history and culture from different maritime perspectives and shed new light on current research in the field, which brings together Jewish and Maritime Studies. 


The article reflect a wide range of topics and illustrate how maritime perspectives can enrich our understanding of Jewish history and culture and its entanglement with the sea – especially in modern times. The study different spaces and examine their embedded narratives and functions and follow in one way or another the discussion which evolved in the last decades, focused on the importance of spatial dimensions and opened up possibilities for studying the production and construction of spaces, their influence on cultural practices and ideas, as well as structures an changes of social processes. 


The publication was edited by Björn Siegel, Markus Krah and Oskar Czendze and funded by the Association for Jewish Studies in Germany and the Institute for the History of the German Jews. It is the 28th issue of PaRDeS – the Journal of the Association for Jewish Studies in Germany and was published by the Universitätsverlag Potsdam. 


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