The “Jüdische Geschichte Digital” (“Jewish History Digitalized”) Picture Database of the Institute for the History of the German Jews comprises about 2,000 data sets that originate from the Institute’s own archives, were generated in the context of research projects, or resulted from donations. This comprehensive and multi-layered collection of image sources opens up new perspectives on German and European Jewish history for researchers. The core of the picture database comprises images on the history of Jews in Hamburg. They bear witness to the diverse Jewish life in the city and show not only places such as synagogues, schools and cemeteries, but also people, events, community life, and everyday scenes. In addition, the archive also contains image sources on topics such as National Socialism, migration, the Jewish Cultural Association (Kulturbund), or Jewish history after 1945.

After a one-time free registration, our online picture database enables you to search the holdings easily and quickly from your home computer. In this way, you can conveniently use the IGdJ’s picture holdings – digitalized and provided with background information on content, provenance, and rights – for your research.

We are currently working on a new edition of the digital picture database, which – in new design – will be supplemented with further useful technical functionalities.

Using the following link, you can access the picture database and request your individual access, free of charge: