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Marking the fortieth anniversary of the Institute for the History of the German Jews, an encyclopedia on the Jewish history of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg was published in 2006. With its insights into the special features of Hamburg’s Jewish past and into the diverse Jewish cultural and associational life, it fosters curiosity about the breadth of the Jewish heritage. As an important reference work, it offers biographical entries, often the only ones available, on numerous Jewish personalities from Hamburg. In addition, it presents overview articles on central topics such as anti-Semitism, emancipation, or synagogues. Since 2010, “Jewish Hamburg” has also been accessible online, providing users with additional functions on its website, such as search options, an image gallery, and a contact form for inquiries.

We are currently revising the digital version of “Jewish Hamburg,” which will soon be available to you in new design, with expanded content and additional technical functionalities.