This online offer is based on an originally printed map from 2009, published by the Hamburg Authority for Culture, Sports and Media, reissued in 2016 on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Institute for the History of the German Jews. The aim is to make Hamburg’s diverse Jewish heritage visible in the urban space by providing insights into the city’s Jewish history using as many  sites as possible as examples.

The new edition of the map reissued in cooperation with the Hamburg Authority for Culture and Media and in collaboration with various individual researchers, is to present as wide a range of places as possible in the entire Hamburg city area of today, thus highlighting the diversity of the Jewish past in the Hamburg area. It aims at also including  places that are no longer visible in today’s cityscape and that can only be discovered through additional information. For this purpose, there will be a close link with the Key Documents Edition as well as other IGdJ’s online offers.