PaRDeS 29 (2023) - Issue No. 29/2023 of the Journal of the Association for Jewish Studies e.V.

Under the title 'Intersections between Jewish Studies and Habsburg Studies', the issue focuses on the region of Central Europe, its history(s), culture(s), language(s) and the various entanglements. Thanks to the editors Dr Björn Siegel (IGdJ), Dr Mirjam Thulin (IEG Mainz/New York), Dr Tim Corbett (ÖAW/Vienna), and Oscar Cendze (University of North Carolina) [book r review section] this year's issue offers a variety of approaches to a region that has been shaped by the Habsburg dynasty for centuries.


At the heart of the issue are short essays that highlight different contexts/sources/theoretical considerations and are intended to stimulate further reflection. Of course, such an endeavour cannot claim to be exhaustive, but is rather an attempt to present, discuss and compare individual examples. It is also intended to build bridges between the two fields of Jewish Studies and Habsburg Studies in order to initiate new dialogues. The thematic and temporal range of the volume allows the reader to immerse him-/herself in different contexts, e.g. the early modern period or the present. The special political power, the cultural and linguistic influence, the trans-imperial and transnational relations, and the influence of the Habsburg dynasty up to the present day are all points of reference that the contributions take into account.


PaRDeS 29 (2023) Issue no. 29/2023 of the journal of the Association for Jewish Studies e.V.