Change at Key Documents

Seven years after its online launch, the Key Documents now appear in a modernized design and at a new address: keydocuments.net.
The bilingual online source edition uses selected sources to shed light on German-Jewish history using the city of Hamburg as an example. The sources are not only made available as digital facsimiles and transcripts marked up according to TEI P5, but are also placed in their historical contexts by short interpretive texts written by experts. At the same time, other forms of presenting the extensive source material have been established in recent years, including, for example, the two dossiers on the diaries of Martha Glass during her imprisonment in Theresienstadt as well as on questions of remigration in the postwar period, and above all the nine online exhibitions. The key document edition published by the Institute for the History of German Jews is also a central component of the online portal "Jewish History Online", which is currently being developed at the Moses Mendelssohn Center for European-Jewish Studies in Potsdam in cooperation with the IGdJ. The online portal is intended to become a central information resource for the field of Jewish history, allowing various online projects to be searchable on a common interface. It also contributes to a higher visibilty of the participating projects by presentinmg them obn the portal's website, for example the key documents will be presented at schluesseldokumente.juedische-geschichte-online.net. In the context of this year's Historikertag, the portal will celebrate its official launch on September 21, 2023!