The Long Nineteenth Century

PD Dr. Andreas Brämer, Prof. Dr. Arno Herzig

This project on the history of the Jews in Silesia, a collaborative effort of the IGdJ with the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, the University of Wroclaw, and the Leo Baeck Institute (New York/ London/ Jerusalem) offered a unique opportunity to bridge the disparity of historical awareness in Germany and Poland. Thanks to a generous grant from the German-Polish Science Foundation, an anthology has been produced to which the participating German and Polish scholars each contributed individual articles. The chronological framework covers the centuries from 1740 to the postwar period, without losing sight of the Middle Ages and the early modern period. Following a broad cultural-historical approach, the history of the Silesian Jews is not only told within a comprehensive Jewish frame of reference, but also as unfolding at the intersection of Jewish and general history, i.e., German, Polish, and European history.

Andreas Brämer/ Arno Herzig/ Krzysztof Ruchniewicz (eds.), Jüdisches Leben zwischen Ost und West. Neue Beiträge zur jüdischen Geschichte in Schlesien. (Hamburger Beiträge zur Geschichte der deutschen Juden 44), Göttingen 2014 (print edition or as open access publication).

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