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Susanna Kunze, M.A.

Academic staff

+49 (0)40 42838-8045


Susanna Kunze has been an academic staff member of the sub-project entitled “Religiös codierte Differenzkonstruktionen – jüdische Perspektiven” (“Religiously Coded Constructions of Difference – Jewish Perspectives”) of the BMBF collaborative project „Antisemitismus in pädagogischen Kontexten – religiös codierte Differenzkonstruktionen in der frühen und mittleren Kindheit“ (RelcoDiff) (“Anti-Semitism in Pedagogical Contexts – Religiously Coded Constructions of Difference in Early and Middle Childhood”) since November 2021.

She studied religious studies and history at the University of Erfurt and the University of Hamburg. Her bachelor’s thesis dealt with reactions of various Jewish organizations to anti-Semitism in the Kaiserreich. Her master’s thesis addressed the ideas that a German-Jewish Wanderbund  conceived about Palestine in the 1920s from a perspective of youth culture. The basis for the analysis was formed by digitalized magazine holdings of various Zionist youth organizations, memories of former members, and sources from the holdings of the IGdJ.

Current projects

Religiös codierte Differenzkonstruktionen – jüdische Perspektiven
(“Religiously Coded Constructions of Difference – Jewish Perspectives”)

Recent publications

  • „Wir wollen doch für Palästina Pioniere und nicht Pfuscher großziehen…“ Jugendkulturelle Blicke auf Palästina – Das Beispiel des Jüdischen Wanderbundes Blau-Weiß (1912–1926), in: Archiv der Arbeiterjugendbewegung, Mitteilungen 2020 (2), S. 19–22.
  • Rezension zu: Weber, Fabian, Projektionen auf den Zionismus. Nichtjüdische Wahrnehmungen des Zionismus im Deutschen Reich 1897–1933, Göttingen 2020, in: H-Soz-Kult, 18.02.2021, www.hsozkult.de/publicationreview/id/reb-93594.